Privacy Policy

Personal data protection
The present privacy policies include Mobile Solutions Peru SAC and its different digital platforms. It is understood that Vcardinternational is one of them. From this website, services are offered to companies and institutions and to professionals for professional purposes and not to individuals (natural persons) or private consumers. Only exceptionally are services offered to individuals for private use on specific websites but not through the professional websites we manage.

This privacy policy applies as responsible for treatment to any Internet user who, when accessing it, does so for information purposes and in case he also has a direct or indirect contractual relationship with us as a client or as a user of any of the platforms or products that we manage for clients, he must take into account that in that case we will not be responsible, but only the Treatment Managers and in this case the contractual regulations that they accept as a client or whoever authorizes him to access them will be applicable, and that client organization will be responsible for applying the privacy policies that it deems appropriate.

Free access to the web
To access Vcardinternational’s web page or any other web page that promotes its own products or services or those of third parties managed under the responsibility of Mobile Solutions Peru, in many cases it is required to provide personal information such as Name, Surname, mail or cell phone. Some of our sites have Cookies that are used as a marketing tool.

Any visitor, customer or user must read, know and accept this privacy policy before completing any inquiry form, testing a service or hiring any product or service offered by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC in its different sites.

Vcardinternational or Mobile Solutions Peru SAC provides information and services that require the identification of the applicants for information and those responsible for the clients and users that they name and therefore the treatment is legitimate since it is essential to attend to the requests for information and to provide the service in a responsible manner.
Required information
In order to maintain an optimal service and a quality and fully operational database our company is only committed to respond to inquiries and requests from people who want to be identified and wish to provide their personal and professional data in good faith. We do not answer any information requests from people who do not wish to be identified or who do not authorize us to process their personal data, unless the service offered states otherwise. Even requests for information made by phone require the completion of a form that includes mandatory personal and contact data so that we can respond to your request. We will previously ask for your consent to process your data, which you will have to confirm through one of the basic informed contact channels required ( Contact form, email validating a unique link or cell phone via SMS with validation PIN).

To request information or for the formal activation or temporary or free trial of any product or service offered, it is necessary that the applicant personally completes or validates certain additional data to the personal data in the available forms that are informed in each case on the website or that are requested through a private access that we will send by email. All fields that are mandatory in each of these forms are marked as such and only those that are not specifically mentioned as mandatory are voluntary. In the event that the mandatory fields are not completed, the system will not allow you to submit the form. Once the form has been sent, the information provided in each field is validated and if it is not correct, adequate or legible, this circumstance also exempts us from responding to any request or providing the requested service until the data is correctly completed.

All personal, professional and business data reported by visitors or users directly through the forms on any of the company’s websites, or indirectly through subsequent personal or telephone conversations are provided voluntarily, as are the technical data described below, which are obtained expressly. Any validated contact authorizes that this information can be incorporated in at least one file and in any case in the electronic folder of the company or organization that it represents or works for. This technical and professional information will be kept even when that person no longer belongs to that company, replacing his or her data with those of the new person responsible for that function and creating, if possible or desirable by the original assignor, another file with the personal data or the new employer.

Among others, we may request personal and professional information, such as name, surname, profession and company where you work, the section, department, position and responsibility. As well as geographical and operational data of your company such as: postal code, address, country, language, contact information (working hours and ideal contact), and data related to communication channels such as professional and private e-mail, professional and private telephone number (landline and cell phone). By providing this information you are authorizing us to use it for sending emails, SMS, MMS, push notifications, etc. in order to contact the assignor.

In each form that a user completes, he or she will be informed at all times of the purpose of the information provided and to whom it is given. Mobile Solutions Peru or Vcardinternational guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the users, informs them of its automated treatment, of the purpose or purposes of each transfer, of the ASPEC rights and the channels for this exercise that the transferor has at his disposal, of the controls and data saved by the transferee, of the use of session controls or cookies, as well as of the duration of the transfer and of the possible persons in charge of specific treatment subcontracted in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

When you make a request, request a service or submit content to this site, it is necessary in most cases that we contact you so that we can answer your questions, fulfill your requests or request additional information necessary to process or fulfill your order and/or request, and identify you accurately. Therefore, as we do not accept anonymous requests, nor simply from an e-mail, or from an anonymous telephone contact, we ask you to complete the identification details of the person making the inquiry as indicated in the previous section on mandatory information. Both personal and contact data, such as e-mail, telephone and, if applicable, professional data, can be checked and validated through one of the channels informed by the applicant or user himself or herself as a sign of conformity. If you do not validate it giving your consent the data will be incorporated, but we do not commit ourselves to answer you. We inform you that we can send you up to 3 validation reminders before blocking the data.

In case you do not want to give your consent to process these mandatory data you should not in any case send the form as it is not possible without accepting the privacy policy. In case you do not validate your data we reserve the right to admit the request and we do not commit ourselves to answer it, being able or not to treat your data.
In case that after completing the request and sending the form without validating the confirmation email you object to a particular treatment, the company will block your data until the authorized treatment period has expired and then it will be dissociated or deleted.

In case you subsequently complete the assignment after sending the form and validating the assignment AND you oppose the specific treatment or any treatment or you wish to cancel your consent or revoke it, the company will block your data until the authorized treatment period has expired and then it will dissociate or eliminate it, being able in any case to eliminate it previously.

The user is informed that unless there is a clear opposition, the users of the site may be contacted to carry out quality surveys and to complete questionnaires and periodic contact programs for the maintenance of the quality of service.

Double opt in policy (session confirmation)
In all the forms, each VISITOR, CLIENT OR USER is informed and completes it that all the information provided, both professional and personal if exceptionally requested or necessary for the signing of a contract, will be processed and incorporated into at least one data file and possibly other specific ones if it goes from being a simple visitor or information requestor to become a CLIENT or USER.

Any VISITOR, CLIENT or USER is informed, consents and authorizes this processing and assignment by accepting this privacy policy and is obliged to comply with the rules of use of the company before accessing the form and by completing it. All forms include a field that must be marked to be sent and where you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted the specific conditions of assignment reported. By submitting the form you confirm again your acceptance.

By transferring the data in any web managed by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC you authorize the company to treat the same and to inform you initially of any of its other business units managed through the domain Mobilesolutionsint or or any other domain owned or managed by you, being able in any case to oppose in each case. Whether you contact us in writing, by letter, email or form, or by telephone, our system will always generate an email that will allow us to validate the contact channel and your identity.

It is therefore essential that you provide us with a correct, accessible and active email, preferably a professional one, and that you validate the hyperlink included in order to complete the process of assignment and registration in our databases. In case up to 3 validation attempts are consumed without you receiving the email or validating it, we will contact you through the phone number from which you requested the registration if you contact us by this means or using the one informed by you. Please note that both numbers and all numbers you use to contact us may be incorporated into the system unless you object.

Proactive identification of information seekers
To confirm the true identity of any data assignor accepting that on the Internet it is impossible to have 100% certainty if the person who completes the data is who he says he is, or if on the contrary this has been completed by a third party on his behalf in good or bad faith, our system always sends a validation email which is the same one that validates the above mentioned assignment.

In compliance with the law 29733, this email serves as proof of identity, accuracy and veracity of the data completed and provides us with an unequivocal assignment that allows us to demonstrate, the legitimate interest of the owner of the email, the good faith of its assignment, and reduce the possibility of improper or unauthorized assignment. Using this process we can guarantee the reduction of fraudulent assignments without the need to integrate visual validation systems based on drawings or data that do not allow the elimination of bad faith or fraudulent assignment.

On the Internet, it is sometimes possible to complete a form on behalf of another person in good or bad faith. When a form is completed on behalf of someone else, the person completing the form must also fill in his or her data and inform the owner of the email and data immediately, so that they can give their consent to the company.

In some of the services provided as in the service “Send to a friend or share” in all its variants includes a format that allows this task comfortably through a prepared form and a complex validation process that validates both contacts through sending emails or SMS.

Responsibility for data
With regard to the personal information provided by any visitor to the website or user of services or customer in any of the ways available on our websites and other documents necessary to initiate a professional relationship, we confirm that our organization strictly complies with the rules of data protection in PERU from the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law 29733) and its regulations and the rules relating to Information and Electronic Commerce.

The company will create and manage as many files as it deems necessary to process the data to enable it to manage the services offered in compliance with the legal requirements to inform and diligently guard the data. The information about the files to which you authorize the incorporation of your personal and professional data, the purpose and use of the information is described here in a generic way and is indicated in the additional section of each form that you send forming that information part of this privacy policy.

If you have any questions or doubts, please write to us at

Data on behalf of third parties where we act as processors: If you hire or use any of the products or services offered by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC, its platforms or servers, please note that in no case Mobile Solutions Peru SAC is responsible or assumes any obligation regarding the information, personal data you as a customer or user stored in each service, even if you subcontract or commission Mobile Solutions Peru SAC to manage data collection unless otherwise stated in a contractual document.

Each client and user is solely responsible for the data (personal, professional, financial, etc.) that he or she maintains. Mobile Solutions Peru SAC will never process or treat these data directly unless it is the holder of a hosting account with its own solutions in which case it will be responsible and in charge at the same time. The CLIENT and the USERS, if different, are respectively the only ones responsible for the file or data bank they manage in our solutions and therefore directly assume all legal, confidentiality and registration obligations.

Even if a customer or distributor resells services that are ultimately provided by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC the above responsibility shall be solely that of the licensee or distributor until a contract is completed in which Mobile Solutions Peru SAC assumes some responsibility or it is so agreed with the representative that it will be informed. Mobile Solutions Peru SAC shall undertake, if so agreed, to provide additional services to those of the treatment manager to the order only in exceptional cases.

Purpose of the assignment
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC collects the data that have been freely provided by the VISITOR, CLIENT and USER always on the basis of a form with one or more specific purposes in relation to the request for product, operational, commercial or other information related to the use of products or services offered, as well as technical data in an automated way through the web, documents and links.

Our objective is not to accumulate information but to control the good faith and the use of the information provided, as well as to obtain the data strictly necessary to offer you a quality service and to analyze possible additional services that could be of your interest. Whenever you visit or access our pages we will collect technical and operational data in an automated way if possible and you authorize it in your browser. In each form we always inform you about the purposes of the transfer if it is necessary to extend or specify the purposes described below.

Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or Vcardinternational informs that when filling out a form or answering positively a request sent by us always implies a real purpose of initiating a professional relationship on your part. In any case, the data is treated in an automated and private manner with the additional purpose of managing the different sources of information, with a view to continuous improvement and to control the quality of both technical and commercial services.

Any applicant and assignor therefore authorizes us to contact him/her periodically to validate the data provided and to collect technical information on his/her accesses, on the persons or services offered or requested through quality surveys sent by email, web or managed by telephone, being able to create a specific file for this purpose if necessary.

In any case we will treat your data transferred or captured to make a proactive monitoring of your professional activity that allows us to manage the relationship with you as a customer or to inform you of the products and services that we offer at every moment that we think could be of your interest or of the interest of the organization with which you work, that you represent or that you collaborate with at every moment.

Purpose in each form, service or link
Each form includes a section containing information about the file, the purpose or purposes additional to those described above and about the characteristics or duration of the assignment if different from that indicated below. Likewise, each form may include the assignment to other companies in addition to Mobile Solutions Peru SAC and new purposes related to each of these companies. Once the form has been sent, these companies are responsible for their respective files and for compliance with their legal obligations.

It is therefore essential that every time you complete a form you access and read this section and that you accept by checking the box and sending it formalize your acceptance. In each web and during the professional relationship with you you can find multiple different forms and all of them will indicate you this information. Also as described below in the section of Intelligent Links any access to our website or a publication using e-publication systems can be controlled through web analytics systems authorizing you to access to capture and process technical data and related to your visit in order to know your tastes and preserve confidentiality through access control.

Initial and subsequent express consent or contractual agreement
Any visitor, User or Customer is obliged to provide express consent for the incorporation of their data directly by the company or its collaborators and for this data to be accessed by any collaborator necessary to provide the information requested by a visitor, in each business unit or on the Mobile Solutions Peru SAC website and for the contracting or use of any product or service contracted.

Only the necessary or essential data will be requested in order to coordinate and provide the requested or effectively contracted services, referring to all communications and requests for information and not undue legal assignments necessary for the fulfillment of the contracted within the free and legitimate disposition of both parties to accept that in order to comply with the contract it may be necessary to communicate certain data.

Communications with validated visitors, customers and users
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or any of its digital platforms will be able to use all the traditional and on-line informed communication channels to contact your validated contacts. We will preferably use the telephone and email and only if necessary or you request us the SMS. We can also use any chat channel, social web, audio or video, conference system and only if it is legally necessary and in exceptional cases the fax and traditional mail. All the data informed in the contact channels implies your authorization to use them.

In any case, Mobile Solutions Peru SAC bases its communication strategy and direct marketing criteria on respect and sustainability, so that at any time you can choose to limit, block or reactivate any of the contact channels if you consider it convenient in a fast and transparent way and you can even inform the contact time of your preference and the preferred channel. All communications are signed by a responsible person and include options through links and additional legal and operational information that is part of this section or the legal notice.

Duration of treatment
If, once your request has been answered, you do not wish us to process your data, nor receive information from us, you can always exercise your right to object to us not processing your data and/or not sending you additional commercial information. As soon as you do so, we will block your data from being sent to you any further and they will be blocked, but not deleted. Once the stipulated period of treatment accepted by you prior to consultation has expired, your personal data will be dissociated and/or deleted.

The cancellation of a service that implies that a client ceases to be a client does not automatically imply the deletion or blocking of the data, since the client continues to be a potential client of the other possible services offered, unless he or she expresses his or her express opposition and revokes all the authorizations for treatment granted previously. In any case, a customer and all users will always be included in the file of potential customers marked as ex-customers or, if applicable, if it is created in a specific file of ex-customers for any type of recovery action or identification of the reasons for the cessation of the collaboration.

They will continue to be informed of new services and improvements to existing ones, based on their feedback or not. Obsolete data that meets the above deadline both active and blocked will be deleted or dissociated in order to maintain quality statistical and historical information.

Any request for revocation or cancellation will entail the blocking of the data until the fifth year has elapsed, except if there is a legal reason or a lawsuit, complaint, arbitration or trial opened without a final judgment that forces the data to be kept active.

The files of Human Resources and those related to the distributors and collaborators will apply the duration marked by each agreement if one is formalized and if it is not formalized it will be maintained for a minimum period of 3 years and a maximum of 5, unless there is a mutual interest in maintaining it active.

ACCESS AND RECTIFICATION: Upon express request, we will inform you about the data related to you that are in our possession and if necessary we will modify those that are not correct or delete or block those that are not correct or adequate if necessary.

CANCELLATION: Upon express request, Mobile Solutions Peru SAC will block or delete the data you do not want us to process or all of it.
Exercising this right does not imply deletion until the informed transfer period is fulfilled, but it will block active processing.
You should know that in the event of deletion or dissociation, the data cannot be recovered or identified, nor can it be linked to its owner, as it is actually dissociated and anonymous.

OPPOSITION TO TREATMENT: Initially you have up to 30 days to communicate your opposition to treatment. Once you have obtained express or tacit consent, you have the right to oppose it and you may revoke your authorization to process certain data or use them for certain purposes when you deem it appropriate: The opposition therefore must be expressed in an absolute way which will turn this request into a de facto cancellation or only for the data or purposes you do not want to authorize us to treat in which case it is possible that we choose to terminate the service or revoke the right of access to any service if any of the oppositions contravenes the accepted as mandatory treatment previously informed and of course your data will be blocked and deleted when the deadline for treatment agreed or before if we deem it appropriate.

In any of the cases exposed and to avoid later inopportune contacts the data will be blocked and incorporated to an own Robinson File that allows to maintain the commitment of not contacting, without damage of which periodically is consulted some of the public ones. By consenting to the treatment you are consenting to us sending you commercial information from any of our lines of business. Although the law does not require it, it is possible that you wish to receive information of one type and not another, that is why our company, thinking of you, has developed a system of opposition separated from the legal obligation so that with all comfort you can oppose to a type of shipment or to the promotion of a type of product and service without having to oppose to the rest.

REVOCATION: If you have initially consented to the processing for commercial purposes of your data and authorized the sending of commercial information but wish to limit or completely revoke this consent, you may exercise the right of REVOCATION of the authorization to send commercial information at any time through the electronic means that Mobile Solutions Peru SAC makes available to you and through a letter addressed to Mobile Solutions Peru SAC at the address indicated on the Legal Information page and from any commercial communication you receive by email, as well as through the following email.

INFORMATION FROM THE CONTROL AUTHORITY: You can request support at any time from the local Data Protection Agency in your country.

Blocked contacts
In case of revocation of an initial consent or opposition, your client or candidate file will be partially or totally blocked and your data included in the file declared for this purpose. Unless you contact us again with the same contact details ( email or identical cell phone) or request their reactivation we will not proceed to reactivate your data. Please note that the right to oppose is a personal right and as such does not imply that your opposition limits or cancels the possibility of us contacting another candidate within the same organization in which you work or collaborate and this does not imply a breach of any legislation. Unless an administrator of your company with sufficient power contacts us for this purpose by opposing treatment at the corporate level, we may try to identify other professionals within the same organization without blocking your organization’s business record, but only that of the opposing contact.
Business invitations
Once validated, and if we activate the service and you authorize us, we will be able to send you invitations to receive commercial information from third parties without giving them your data through our communication tools. These invitations will include, if applicable, intelligent links that will allow us to process the individual informed transfer and communication of your data through intelligent systems if you activate and validate them thanks to a complex process designed for this purpose in compliance with the legislation.
Communications with clients and users
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC will include in the legal documents such as invoices or service reports or communications an area that includes advertising for other services offered to facilitate cross selling and news dissemination among its customers. By validating your data as a Customer or user or operational contact you are informed and accept that we include this information, unless you object to it.
Data communication
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC absolutely respects the confidentiality of the personal and professional data maintained by its clients and will never, use, show or sell such data to third parties, nor copy, transmit, treat or contact the persons included in them unless it is specifically entrusted with a task to treat them for one of these purposes. Mobile Solutions Peru SAC informs validated visitors, customers and users of its services that by accepting the legal regulations and this privacy policy they give their full consent to the necessary communications to develop, fulfill and control the contracted services, communications that include information necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was freely and voluntarily provided by you to allow us to fulfill the assignment, for which subcontracting is permitted.
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC to provide a quality service always outsources connectivity, server maintenance service, hosting, monitoring, maintenance, support copies and backup of their servers to specialized companies that complement the services offered by the Data Centers or Datacenters first level and are distributed in different areas of the world and within the countries where they maintain servers. You can also subcontract the Backup services, Database support and access control and any other specialized service that ensures a high degree of specialization and security to meet their obligations in compliance with legal standards.
Password policy
Any product or service offered by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or Vcardinternational , even in tests, may require a password to access it. We agree to send by email or SMS these access data only to a specific person CLIENT or USER Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or. Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or Vcardinternational will not send a password to a generic (info) or departmental (marketing) type password unless a declaration is signed stating that this email has a unique user or a specific responsible person is named.

The owner of a password, unless otherwise stated, may in any case change it as many times as he wishes or request a new one if he forgets or expires. Any password will be automatically changed every year by our company, if it has not been for a period of one year, unless the client establishes a more frequent change policy or assumes the responsibility of not requiring changes. Any password is personal and non-transferable. In case you wish to increase the level of security in certain actions, once the secure zone is accessed, additional security systems can be requested through personal keys sent by SMS or 2FA.

Each user is responsible for the security and custody of their access codes and any additional codes they may receive on their cell phone, so they must keep their cell phone and the access codes they receive on their cell phone or in their email safe and inaccessible before using them and delete them when they are no longer necessary. To maintain this security, these passwords may limit their usability in time, expiring in minutes, hours or days, or be associated to specific IPs.

Any customer or user should be especially careful with the use of their passwords. In case of having to provide it to a third party, the owner must as soon as he can modify that key to make it confidential again. Please note that Mobile Solutions Peru SAC e does not allow the use of the same user, or the same password used by several different people and therefore each user must have his own.

Session controls, cookies and IP registration
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC and any of its digital platforms capture technical information such as the IP address from which you access, your operating system, the brand and version of the browser, your preferred language, and information about certain applications and software that support your access computer, as well as the screen resolution and the addresses from which you access and leave when you enter and leave our website or document you access and while you are analyzing your behavior.

Mobile Solutions Peru SAC uses proprietary Web Analytics and publication analysis solutions called Hybrid publication system developed for its solution marketed as a business unit publication. Mobile Solutions Peru SAC does not identify people or profiles through Cookies directly but may use services where third parties do so in that case it is your responsibility to disable the ID and cookies in your browser.

The COMPANY is not responsible for the privacy policies, cookies or rules of use related to data protection in third party sites that you may access through our site. Our pages may have web-analytics or behavioral analysis systems activated on a website or publication that allow tracking of pages visited or documents viewed or opened by customers and other controls. Only general or statistical information about the site, about the number of visits and customers, sales, records and questionnaires used and in circulation and information about the site may be given to third parties, but such general and statistical data will not include Personal Information.
The only non-anonymous passwords are those that can be used to access certain services directly and without passwords and are provided at the request of the client and under his responsibility.

All free tests requested or accepted will be monitored and will capture all the above-mentioned data, together with the data on web browsing or on the documents or contents that are authorized to be uploaded and converted, or on the visitors to the rooms that are offered or on any other service that is offered and that is technically monitorable, unless otherwise agreed or it is clearly stated that these are not processed at the customer’s request or on the basis of the service offered.

Responsibility for the data processed
The contracting party of each service, whether it is a company, a non-profit organization or an individual, and the users that they nominate must comply with all legal obligations prior to access, and the contracting party assumes all responsibility for any non-compliance or misuse of any nominated user, even if there is no labor or professional relationship formalized by contract.
Quality and maintenance of information
Each assignor is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data it provides and undertakes not to provide false or erroneous data and undertakes to validate and update them when necessary and to keep them permanently updated by all means at its disposal.
If you provide professional data as an employee or access Mobile Solutions Peru SAC or services, you will stop accessing these services when you cease to be employed and you are obliged to inform us of this fact in order to cancel your passwords, regardless of whether your company notifies us. This user may be inherited by the new employee responsible for this task, modifying in any case the access password. In case the previous user wants to continue using the services in his new job, he will have to hire them again and in any case if he wants us to keep his data he will have to complete a new registration form since the previous one will be kept with his old employer but blocked or with the data of his substitute.
In case we do not provide in any case a form that allows you to edit or modify certain data, if these must be changed you can in any case communicate this fact to the following email:
Responsibility of customers and third parties
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC is not responsible, nor does it assume any obligation regarding the privacy policy, or the uses or rules that third parties impose on their businesses even if you access them from our servers or websites or if they use or resell any of our products and services.
Processing, confidentiality, database custody and regulatory compliance
Mobile Solutions Peru SAC shall at all times maintain the most absolute confidentiality of the data it manages on behalf of the client and shall inform the client of any problem that may arise with such data and shall never use, treat or manipulate them on its own or copy, transmit or contact them directly, unless there is a complaint regarding the use of such data or it is expressly authorized to do so.
Responsibility of Mobile Solutions Peru SAC
If this website is a specific business unit or a portal of e Mobile Solutions Peru SAC it is possible that in the future this business unit could be constituted as an independent company inheriting all the rights and obligations inherent to it in relation to the rules of use and data transfers of its visitors and customers.
Level of compliance, level of security and international data transfer
All services offered as a service to customers are based on the hosting of BASIC level files unless you sign an attachment indicating otherwise. Each CLIENT or user of the services assumes full, personal and irrevocable responsibility for not processing specially protected data or data requiring higher than basic levels of processing in the databases and documents hosted in the servers under the responsibility of Mobile Solutions Peru SAC . It is the sole responsibility of the client to control that their users, whatever the legal working relationship with them and even if they do not exist, do not treat this type of data. In the event that the customer must, due to the performance of its activity, or because it so decides whether consciously or not, treat specially protected data, it must inform Mobile Solutions Peru SAC before hosting them and in advance may d Mobile Solutions Peru SAC deny the provision.

In case that once you are a client you try or should obtain some type of data or registration that forces you to increase in some way the security offered based on the type of data or the origin or country of origin or destination of the data or the client or user of the service or from which the data came, you must previously inform Mobile Solutions Peru SAC and this may deny the hosting or organize it if it considers that it can comply with the rules or that it can modify the service platforms offered to comply with them. It is the customer’s obligation to know the rules to be complied with and to review the platforms offered so that it is under its exclusive responsibility to assume the responsibility for the use thereof, exonerating Mobile Solutions Peru SAC from any responsibility due to the customer’s inexperience or lack of knowledge if it later turns out that there is a breach and unless Mobile Solutions Peru SAC participates or bills for this service.

The applicant for a Service before becoming a customer, and even if it is already another service, is obliged to inform prior to the use or contracting of any service of the necessary adjustments so that any service, service or product offered by Mobile Solutions Peru SAC complies with all legal obligations, including those of registration, authorization or any other legal obligation that may exist when contracting or that is regulated during the term of the contract in each different country. Therefore, Mobile Solutions Peru SAC does not assume any responsibility for the legal obligations that in each country must be known and complied with by the customer, regardless of whether the customer operates or provides services using or subcontracting the services of Mobile Solutions Peru SAC.

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